that ain't yer mug of tea

welcome to my carrd what can i get you?

I'd like my info vague.

❔ I have a list of usernames + aliases I've gone by.
DuckTowerEsperado (DuckTPK, Duck Tower, Ducky)MacDuckBeat (Mac or Ducky)RaingreyEnGarde (Raingrey)Skitty

Please don't call me by my old username, to my folks from 2015-2018 reading this.

Minor. Go die in a ditch, weirdos
💚 He/him, ace omniromantic
🖊️ Hobbyist artist and writer. I do some quick animations too.
🍭 Lead of Sugary Spire

fuck you!

ey yall, i like:

Not my main focus but I like them

Detective ConanDoctor WhoDoraemonKirbyMarioMadagascar PenguinsPico's School(?)SpongebobTom & Jerry

Side fixations

⭐ Angry Birds

⭐ Ducktales

⭐ Earthbound

⭐ Mad Rat Dead

⭐ Part Time UFO

⭐ Friday Night Funkin'


🌟 Pizza Tower

🌟 Weenie Cop

mah fav chars, there could be more

Art trades/requests are reserved to close friends only

So what do I do on my spare time? Usually, I draw. I write and animate on occasions. My artworks can be angsty sometimes and usually, bright as hell.

Self-proclaimed Pizza Tower and Weenie Cop fanartist. I even have my own Tumblr blogs dedicated to those.

Did you know you can find the links on the info subpage by clicking on the images?